Thursday, August 04, 2005

Work: Now With Power and Responsibility!*

My plan to go to work early this morning never came to fruition, but I did make it in before lunchtime. I have been promoted! I am now important! And powerful! There is a new door placard indicating my improved status, and today I picked up my new key. I now have not one but TWO offices. Both with windows! And today I got to make a decision! I have decreed that the instructor may choose to grant the student an incomplete, but that if he doesn't want to, then I can allow the student to take a late withdrawal! Then I had my secretary send out an email informing the student and the instructor of my ruling. Perhaps I will need to bring my Burger King crown into my office** so that I can wear it while making these important decisions.

*and exclamation points!

**my second office, as that is where important decisions must be made.