Monday, September 26, 2005

Bad Reasons to Be Late to School

  1. Remember the quiz that wouldn't grade itself? There's also the homework that won't grade itself.

  2. Yesterday I did some laundry. Unfortunately, the black and white skirt I hoped to wear today is now a black and grey skirt. I guess that care label knew what it was talking about with all that "hand wash" nonsense. Searched among craft stuff to see what possiblities I already own for making it a different black-and-? skirt. Still don't know what I'm wearing today.

  3. I'm still struggling with the publisher's online system for entering changes to the manuscript. I may need to find a non-Macintosh at some point.

  4. One of the things that my parents brought with them was a box full of everything that I had left at their house. Most of it was dull, like sheet music. But there are plenty of horrible photographs of awkward times and a shoebox full of notes and letters that had been written to me. I was looking for two particular letters from my friend who killed herself in 1992 (the one where she first writes about her experiences on the psych ward and the one where she slyly admits to a previous suicide attempt by mentioning -- in passing -- the fact that she had experimented with overdosing on one of her meds). Didn't find either of them. Found a note from an ex-boyfriend. I was sure that I'd shredded those all YEARS ago. Found a note from a guy whose name I don't recognize.

  5. Instead of making coffee or taking a shower or something else related to getting ready, I am writing a post on my blog.