Monday, September 19, 2005

Last Night at the Cafe

  1. The barista (I hate that word) pulled a shot. Too slow. He discarded it. He emptied the portafilter, carefully measured and tamped. Pulled another shot. Still too slow. Looks out the window. Thinks a moment. Adjusts the grinder and grinds more beans. Refills the portafilter and pulls another shot. Perfect. He explains that the optimal grind depends on the weather and the humidity. He confides that the other people who work there just don't understand and that they never adjust the grind.

  2. The last piece of Irish Cream cheesecake was mine. Mmm...

  3. I made the mistake of planning the lesson before grading the homework. After realizing that they still don't understand what we did last week, I had to readjust my plans. We are now half a class behind where we should be. Fortunately there are a few days of slack in the schedule.