Monday, September 05, 2005

Results of Painting


Unfortunately, there are some things that you can not see in this picture:
  1. The color is even better than it looks here. It changes from magenta to brown depending on the light.

  2. Even after five coats, the paint is still a little bit splotchy. I decided to give up after five coats.

  3. The baseboards on the other side of the room haven't been started yet. Too much furniture to paint everything at once.

  4. In moving furniture out of the frame in order to take this picture, I put very many, very deep scratches in the hardwood floor. Argh! The floor is pine, which is prone to scratching and denting. A bit of grit got caught under the silicone/teflon/whatever gizmos that had allowed the furniture to slide JUST FINE on Saturday. (As you can tell, I am mad at myself for damaging the floor for the sake of taking pictures. I am getting over it, though, as the floor is pretty wimpy and I can't spend my whole life being super-vigilant for its sake.)