Tuesday, September 27, 2005

These Are Not Really My People

My email inbox is brimming with things that I'm supposed to respond to (now that I'm more responsible, things make their way off the first screenful before I get a chance to deal with them). One of them is to RSVP to the fall meeting of the Women's Faculty Group.

This is the first semester that I can even consider going -- normally they have their reception at 11:30am on a Friday or some other time when I was teaching. But even this year, I'm not sure that I want to go, as the Women's Faculty Group is usually a codename for the Tenured and Tenure-Track Mothers in the Humanities Group. When it comes to things to do with strangers in a professional-social situation, talking about Women's Issuestm is really low on the list. (Besides, I was kicked out of feminism almost 11 years ago.)

On the one hand, I feel like I should go because I still don't have many friends around here. On the other hand, how likely am I to make friends with people who I probably have nothing in common with?