Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend: Just Past the Halfway Point

  1. Yesterday's flurry of posts should hint at procrastination. Aside from the usual work stuff, I'm trying to get the guest room habitable in time for my parents to visit on Wednesday.

  2. My plan to have the room totally done with new storage furniture and everything else has been scrapped. The guest room is where I keep my sewing machine, all my craft stuff, and all my clothes. It is like a giant closet most of the time. Only more disorganized.

  3. Have I recently mentioned that the girl version of everything sucks? I've been searching in vain for something with small drawers in which to store all my sewing notions and knitting needles and other small things. There are flimsy plastic storage units at Target. At Staples they have slightly less flimsy plastic drawers (for over $45). Or I could go to the hardware store and buy an all-metal tool cabinet for $88. Sears has even nicer tool cabinets for just slightly more money. The only downside? The cabinets that will fit in the space I have are all red. Sears has a top-quality ($$$$) tool cabinet in midnight blue. It would look so good in the room, but it is too tall.

  4. Really what I need is an old card catalog. OK, not really. But I think I want one.

  5. Question for you book-aware types out there: Several months ago I heard a piece on NPR about a woman who had some sort of disfiguring and/or deadly disease (I want to say jaw cancer or something like that) and who wrote about book about her experiences (and I think may have then died). And she had a friend who was also a writer who then also wrote about her. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

  6. On this date in 1938 my grandparents got married. How times have changed: My great-grandparents told their youngest son that he was too young to go to his brother's (my grandfather's) wedding, so they made him stay home. When I was super-skinny, I could fit into my grandmother's wedding dress. I have since cut it up and used it to make a quilt.