Wednesday, October 19, 2005

At the Program Reception

  1. Once again: surrounded by faculty from the humanities and the social sciences. This time with students and pizza, too.

  2. The program director doesn't recognize me. He apologizes: "It's been a while since I've seen you. Have you lost weight?" I admit to a haircut.

  3. At least now I have a conversational opening for talking to established faculty that have been here for years: "Can you recommend a good dentist?"* Much easier to talk about that than anything else we might talk about at such a thing.

  4. A freshman comes over to talk to me (he explains, "because I felt bad that you weren't talking to anyone"). He told me about the math class he dropped this semester, and I suggested a different course to try if he wanted to take math again in the future. We talked about academics-related stuff for the rest of the reception. Why don't Real Adults ever come over to talk to me when they see that I'm not talking to anyone?

*I got two leads. I'm seeing one of them tomorrow. I flattered the dentist while on the phone with his staff: "I saw Dr. X and Dr. Y, and they couldn't identify my problem. I'm hoping that a more experienced dentist, like Dr. Z, might be able to help me."