Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cats Are Less Confusing Than People

I was out in the garage this morning, scraping the glazing out of sash #3. The news had just ended, so I was listening to St. Paul Sunday.

First visitor: one of the cats (the Russian Blue) from next door.

Cat: This garage is part of my territory, and I need to explore and mark it. Furthermore, I smell rodents. However, you are very scary, so you will need to leave the garage so that I can explore. Meow. Don't try to pet me.

This I fully understood and was able to deal with.

Second visitor: engineer from next door (other side from the cats).

We talked a little bit about my window project. He noted that he really enjoyed St. Paul Sunday. Then he left, mentioning that he was just out watering his (recently reseeded from scratch) grass.

I got part of it, I think. As I'm guessing that his comment about the classical music really meant, "I'm glad that you're not listening to the Fight Club score like you had been the past two days." But it was only after he left that I realized that I was also supposed to compliment his new grass.

People are so confusing.