Friday, October 14, 2005

Good News, Bad News: Dentistry Style (Don't Tarnish My Silver Lining Edition)

Bad News: Pain is much worse and not controlled by ibuprofin. Dentist and endodontist are both out of the office today. Issues about my heart are not settled, and dentistry will not be inflicted upon me until I can find a physician to send a fax clearing that up. (Next time I will lie on the form.)

Good News: Dental pain over the past few weeks has led to a reduction in food intake. I am now skinny enough that you can see all my ribs. Furthermore, in the right light when I stand at the correct angle, and flex just so, you can see the outline of my top set of abs (and barely make out the middle ones). If this continues, I might end up with "six-pack" abs and a stash of narcotics.