Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Project

Subtitle: I can't imagine that plywood is any worse of an insulator than historic singlepane windows.
I've spent the past two mornings breaking glass scraping out old glazing while trying to avoid breaking the old glass. (I'm guessing that it was already chipped.) Two more sashes to go. I wasn't planning on being that aggressive about scraping out the glazing, but there is a fair amount of soft/wet wood beneath it, and I needed to deal with that. (You may write your own analogy about removing the hard white substance to get to the decay beneath and then stabilizing, treating with resins, and resealing -- I have one in mind.)

Once the wood is restored, new glass (ugh) cut, the painting gets done, and everything gets put back together (including making a new counterweight door to replace the one that is MISSING... maybe that's where that draft was coming from), the window project will be almost complete. Some touch up painting and some cosmetic work, and the two-year project of restoring 16 double-hung windows (32 sashes, almost 90 panes of glass) will be finished.

Next year: hire contractors for insulation and exterior painting.

Eventually: de-pink the kitchen.