Thursday, October 20, 2005

One Last Post About My Teeth: The Theory of Everything

The new dentist suggested that the reason that this problem with my teeth has been so hard to pin down could be because it might not be a problem with my teeth but rather a problem with my jaw / bite / TMJ.

If I had a roulette wheel or a bingo chip dispenser, it would be photographed here coming up "orthodontist."

I rather like this new idea, as its Theory of Everything nature appeals to me: every dental problem that I have could, in theory, be blamed on my bad bite. Should this theory pan out, fixing my bad bite would have the potential of solving all my problems. This appeal of the one underlying phenomenon that explains everything is what unites mathematicians and crazy people; what separates us from the schizophrenics is our taste in choosing which theories to cling to.

Furthermore, this dentist suggested that the problems (not mentioned here) with #3 and #14* might be fixed with that bonding stuff that's swabbed on and hardened with a blue light -- instead of the crowns recommended by previous dentists.**

*Dentists laugh at me when I discuss my teeth by number.

**Next step before heading into school: cancel appointments with other dentist.