Thursday, November 24, 2005

Actual Thanksgiving Content

Today I have done little that is productive. I sat around on the couch for a while. Fussed about on the internet for a while. Did a little knitting on the mittens for my grandfather. But that's about it. I also switched my keyboard back to QWERTY so that I could relearn it in case I need it in the future. So, in all a fairly dull day. Most importantly, I didn't go to anyone else's house, and no one came over to mine.

I did make a little bit of food. I made a pumpkin pie (one of my favorites); I used a frozen crust. I also made stuffing out of some cheap store brand bread that I tore into bits and added whatever seasonings I had around my kitchen.

When I was in grad school, sometimes I would make a giant feast and invite everyone over. This sort of peaked my third year. I bought a fresh turkey and soaked it in an aromatic brine. I rotated the turkey as it raosted, so the dark meat would be done while the breast was still moist, but the skin was golden brown and presenation-ready. I made a sourdough-cornbread stuffing so involved that a few days ahead of time I baked the sourdough bread, using my own wild-caught starter, and the night before I baked the cornbread. Both were carefully cut into uniform cubes. Sans crust. I roasted fresh chestnuts. I chopped vegetables to nearly microscopic bits for the mirepoix. I made my grandmother's famous kapusta (which must slowly cook all day).

During my third year of grad school if you had come by with two offers: move to Seattle to work with Zhang or move to New York to work with Martha Stewart, I would have chosen Martha.

I'll take off the rest of tonight, but I'm guessing that most of the rest of the weekend will see me in my office.