Friday, November 18, 2005

Buy Some Paper

Dear Math Students,

I do realize that you are not just younger, less knowledgeable versions of myself nor should I try to mold your study habits to mimic mine.

I also realize that I am unusual in the amount of paper that I use to solve a relatively simple problem. My handwriting is probably about the size of 18 point type, and I admit that is somewhat large. I recognize that not everyone finds it necessary to leave between 1/4" and 1/2" of space between components of the same problem. And I don't expect you to need two pages (like I do) to answer the questions on our problem sets.

But for goodness sake, if you try to solve a complicated related rates problem in about four square inches of space tucked into a margin, don't be surprised if you get stuck or confused. Don't be annoyed if I have trouble following your work or finding where you made your mistake.

You spent a lot of money on that fancy calculator, certainly you can spare a few bucks and get a ream of paper.

Professor Hirta