Sunday, November 06, 2005


  1. Let hair grow out? Let bangs grow out? Continue to have hair cut by Tracy (who doesn't listen and who cuts my hair with me facing away from the mirror but everyone always says it looks good)?

  2. Buy texts for interdisciplinary course for spring ($50-ish) or try to figure out how people in other departments get desk copies? (We use the same texts every semester; there are cabinets containing desk copies to be signed out. For my interdisciplinary course I picked the books. They're just regular ol' books, not textbooks. Right now I have the library copies checked out.)

  3. After opting out of NaNoWriMo due to all the other things that I need to get done, do I compromise by declaring the rest of November to be NoReaMo?

  4. Update the standard syllabus for my class with \newcommand{\firsttestdate}{} and \newcommand{\officehours}{} and such so that all I need to do each semester is to change some values in the preamble?

  5. Should I talk about knitting at the math teacher conference?

  6. Drive or fly north for xmas? Visit all the relatives who insist that I must visit them every holiday but who never visit me?

  7. Run laundry? Or go to Target and buy a new towel and something to wear tomorrow?