Sunday, November 27, 2005

Secret Messages in Real Life

I am teaching myself illusion knitting (sorry, non-knitters, I couldn't find a good link to explain it).

My first project (other than swatches, I mean)? A graphing calculator cozy. As the calculator is only 7.5 inches long, my message length is limited to about four letters (I was hoping to be able to fit six, but even on size 0 needles, I couldn't get the gauge tight enough to fit that many). Current choice of four letters: E, V, I, and L.

I think that I will knit it, sock-like, in the round. This means that I'm giong to have to redraft my charts rotated 90 degrees.*

*Too much teaching of calculus has made me anxious when I give the measure of an angle in degrees instead of radians. Can I get a π/2? Amen.