Friday, November 11, 2005


  1. Today I was almost late to school because of a last-minute change of clothes. When I reached for a travel mug, I realized that the combination of low rise skirt with slightly cropped sweater would lead to inappropriate midriff baring while writing on the board.

  2. I changed skirts. I wanted to change tops. I wanted to wear my black silk tank top (+ a jacket), but I couldn't find it. Not hanging in the closet. Not folded in the closet. Not in the dresser. Not in the laundry. Not with the drycleaning. Not on the floor. Not hanging on a doorknob. Totally missing. Very mysterious. (I don't have the sort of life where I leave clothing at other people's houses.)

  3. After two classes and two doughnuts, it is impossible to tell whether I am covered with powdered sugar or with chalk dust.