Saturday, December 03, 2005

Administrative Mailbag

Because if you email me over the weekend you get my undivided attention? More likely I will forget about you and your request by Monday when about a zillion other things cross my desk.
  1. A student at another university who used to go to school here and who is transferring to a third school. She wants me to send her a syllabus for a course that we no longer offer from a semester that took place about three years before I started working here. She doesn't remember who taught the course.

  2. A student (who I have never met nor ever been in contact with before) at this university who has recently discovered that the low-level math course she is taking does not fulfill any distributive requirements. She is planning on transfering, and she asks me whether this course will fulfill any requirements at any other schools. (Do I have the heart to tell her that at most good schools the course probably won't transfer at all?) She also wonders if I can recommend which math class she should take in the spring.

  3. A grad student in another program who wishes to be my "technical assistant." Even if I had money to hire anyone (which I don't), I certainly wouldn't be hiring a grad student from another science discipline.