Thursday, December 08, 2005

Graphing Calculator Cozy

With winter upon us in most parts of the northern hemisphere, it's the perfect time to knit a cozy for your fucking graphing calcalator.

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This cozy is knit in the round on dpns. If you have a favorite way to make the jog less visible at the beginning of the round, then you should use it.

Set of five US #0 dpns
Two colors, one light and one dark, of fingerling or sock weight yarn. About 10 grams each.
Tapestry needle.

I'm pretty sure that the yarn that I used was Brown Sheep Nature Spun in the fingerling weight. I had it wound off a cone at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins.

8 sts/inch and 18 rnds/inch in garter-stockinette pattern. Exact gauge is not important.

Background Pattern:
Most of the cozy is worked in a 4-rnd background pattern (garter-stockinette):

rnd 1: using the dark color, knit every st
rnd 2: using the dark color, purl every st
rnd 3: using the light color, knit every st
rnd 4: using the light color, knit every st

On my cozy, teal is dark, and pink is light.

Reading the Chart:
The chart shows only even numbered rounds. All the odd numbered rounds are worked as follows:
rnd 1, 5, 9, 13, ... : with dark color, knit every st
rnd 3, 7, 11, 15, ... : with light color, knit every st



With dark color, CO 64 sts and join for working in the round.
Work k2, p2 ribbing for 3/4"

Divide sts as follows:
8 sts on needles 1 and 3, 24 sts on needles 2 and 4.
The chart pattern will be worked on the center 14 sts of needle 2.

Begin working background garter-stockinette pattern on stitches 1-13, chart pattern on sts 14-27, and background garter-stockinette pattern on sts 28-64.

Once the chart is completed, continue in background garter-stockinette pattern until the cozy reaches the top of your calculator. End after a round purled in the dark color.

First decrease round: With the light color, SKP (or SSK), knit to last 2 sts of needle, k2tog. Repeat on remaining three needles. 8 sts decreased, 56 sts remain.

Second decrease round: work as first decrease round, 8 more sts decreased, 48 sts remain. Cut light-colored yarn.

Third decrease round: switch to dark color, work as previous decrease rnds, 8 more sts decreased, 40 sts remain.

Finishing: k1, place this st on needle 4. Move remaining st on needle 1 to needle 2. Transfer remaining sts on needle 3 to needles 2 and 4. You should have 2 needles with 20 sts each. Graft these sts together in garter st.