Monday, December 05, 2005

Last Day of Classes

Technically it is tomorrow, but I don't teach on Tuesdays.

My finals are already xeroxed! Now I am obsessing that the calculus exam is too difficult and too long. It's a 2 hour exam, and it took a colleague 30 minutes. Not only did he say that he didn't think that his students (multivariable calc) would score well on my exam, but he entirely missed one of the questions. Hrm. But my students are so amazing!

Now I am free to:
  1. Obsess about my exams being too difficult

  2. Dread my visit to Schenectady (December 16 - 20) (more on this later)

  3. Panic that I will be unprepared for my honors course (cryptology) for the spring and that it will suck

  4. Wait for the inevitable grade complaints -- both from my own students and the ones that I will need to ajudicate as part of my administrative job