Thursday, December 15, 2005

Unanswered Questions From My Travel Plans

  1. Do I need more than two pairs of shoes? Five day trip, including travel days. (Current plan: La Canadienne boots and Dansko clogs)

  2. Will my regular coat suffice? Or should I bring The Fur? The shabby, shabby fur that I bought for $15 at Salvation Army.

  3. Nice clothes or comfy (warm) clothes? Will I see anyone such that it matters? The only ex-boyfriend of mine from there now lives in Ohio, and his parents have moved to Florida. Anyone else for whom I'd need to look good?

  4. Will my students stop emailing me about their grades? (The reason that your course grade is lower than the grade you had going into the final is because you did not score well on the final. That's the thing about final exams: they can raise OR lower your grade. There's not much else to discuss.)

  5. Will my students' mothers stop emailing me about their grades? Can I have my mother email back their mothers telling them to stop it?

  6. How many complaints will be waiting for me when I am back in the office on Wednesday?

  7. Reasonable internet access at my parents' house? Will I be able to post to this blog while I'm gone?

  8. Will anything productive (knitting, schoolwork, etc.) get done while I'm there?

  9. How long will it take me to recover once I'm home?

Bonus Question: Is TSA still making women take off suit jackets? If so, should I show up at the airport wearing my suit -- with nothing on under the jacket?