Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What I Found Upon Returning to My Office

  1. That I was especially lucky that both myself AND my luggage made my connection yesterday. I will have to write a letter to the airline about this and congratulating them on efficient baggage handling. (I didn't think to check the online system last night to discover just how close my connection turned out; I looked this up while starting to think about writing the letter.)



  2. Checked the final exam of one of the students who had been sending me very concerned emails along the lines of, "How could I get that grade if I had some other grade before the final?" Seems that this student neglected to answer over 15% of the questions (as in: totally left blank). That would explain how a borderline grade could move down, huh?

  3. Blissful quiet. I may have to come in here EVERY DAY.