Thursday, January 12, 2006

Administrative Office Hours

  1. You can't take precalc for credit if you've passed calculus with a C or better. But what if you got a D in precalc, then passed calculus with a C or better. Can you retake precalc to raise your GPA?

  2. If you qualify for calculus, can you take precalc anyway? Can you take both precalc and calculus during the same semester?

  3. According to University policy, one of the grounds for a grade appeal is a clearly unfair decision showing lack of consideration of circumstances such as a death in the family. Do these grounds for appeal apply in cases where the family member died three months before the start of the semester?

  4. One of our instructors was called up for active duty right before the end of the fall semester. All of his course records and final exams are at Fort Bragg. He can not be reached. How can his students verify that their grades were computed accurately?

  5. Bonus round: one of the students who came to see me brought his girlfriend with him. She's in my knitting group.