Monday, January 16, 2006

Around Campus

Since I'm not seeing any students today.

The chalkboard got replaced in the bad-chalkboard-room. It's not the best board out there, but it is entirely serviceable. The building's late 1960s academic architecture reminds one of the Hill Center.

Here is one of the plaques on the outside of the building. I think that the Latin is from the bible, John 8:32.

bigconstructionGetting anywhere is a pain because this is located pretty much smack dab in the middle of campus. All the pedestrian walkways and the roads seem to be affected. The sign for this project describes it as a "renovation and addition." What they neglect to mention on the sign is that there was also a subtraction. See how all that's left of the building is the front facade? The original building used to extend past where the yellow construction vehicle is parked. Since the building is (was) historic, they couldn't take the whole thing down. (Or so I'm told.)

Finally, my honors class meets in a cluster of buildings that I will rename Gold Coast. Because this class is not in the Math Department but is rather in an interdisciplinary division with its own money, I get to teach in a fairly nice seminar room.