Monday, January 23, 2006

Business as Unusual

Many of my administrative tasks involve saying no to students. Usually it comes down to my explaining that you can't change your schedule / grades / etc. just because you are unhappy -- there needs to be a good reason.

Today I found myself inclined to say yes!

One student is appealing a grade, and he wrote a pursuasive essay explaining how his circumstances qualify under one of the university's four allowable grounds for a grade appeal. He also included supporting documentation. His evidence backs up his point; the burden will now be on the instructor of record to defend the accuracy of the grade.

Two students tried to add after the end of add-drop. Circumstances completely beyond their control prevented them from registering until add-drop ended. Thelr stories check out. While talking to the second one, I commented to him that his name is very similar to the first student. He explained that it's because they're twins; I hadn't noticed.