Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Things You Learn on the Internet

Ever mindful of my employability (hint: advanced degrees in mathematics appear to make one less employable and eligible for lower salaries), I've done a careful reading of my institution's graduate catalog, and I've identified some fields of study in which I might be able to get a Real Job, should I ever need one.

Top contenders at this point are all located within the College of Business Administration or joint programs with CBA.

What my internet research tells me:
  • Most of these programs don't care what one's undergraduate degree is in.
  • Full-time employees of the University (like me!) get full tuition waivers. However, tenure-track faculty need special permission to get another Ph.D. for free. (So totally not my problem.)
  • According to the online course schedule, program I'm most interested in (at the moment) has at most five students enrolled in each of its courses.
My read is: warm body to fill a seat + needs no departmental funding = easily admitted. Heck, they'll probably even accept my GRE scores from October 1994.

So far, however, the internet has not been helpful in finding extra free time in which to pursue these plans.