Sunday, January 01, 2006


While I might be keen on lists, not so much on the resolutions. There's the perennial fretting about my weight. A pragmatic reminder to floss. A nearly meaningless plan to do more research. Little of note.

For today I've set a one-day resolution to do nothing work-related and instead try to get caught up on various household and craft tasks. Better storage (already bought! just needing hanging/placement!) finally installed in the cluttery parts of the house. Ripping out the top few inches of the strangling sweater and re-drafting its neck. Measuring how many square feet of usable silk are in that old sari and how to use that as the main fabric in a new summer-weight quilt for the bedroom. Hemming things held together by safety pins and duct tape. Sewing elastic into the tops of the tall socks that fall down.

Ambitious tasks for one day, certainly doable in the week remaining before the new semester, and hopefully done by next year!