Monday, January 09, 2006

Work Inteferes with My Shopping Schedule

teasebootsThis job that pays the bills and allows me to afford more clothes and shoes than one person needs (truthfully: more than several people need) is keeping me from driving out to the town of Tourist Trap (you know, that place near the state border, the theme park, the fireworks shops, and the Indian casino) and going to the outlet mall to buy these boots for $40.

I was there yesterday and tried on the boots, but I didn't have the right socks, so I couldn't really tell how they fit. Instead of doing the smart thing of buying them with plans to return them if they didn't fit right, I left them there (sob!).

Now I must atone for my abandonment of perfectly wonderful boots and drive back there today to rescue them (and to return a wrap/shawl thing that didn't really do it for me once I got it home). Unfortunately, I have to work (work!) today from 9am to 3pm.