Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Afternoon Walk

This is a good time of year for a walk around the neighborhood. I often like to gawk at other people's houses.
The gingerbread on this house reminds me of Cassiopeia
It's warm enough that you can believe that springtime is on its way. (My crocuses have bloomed!)
The weather is also nice enough to go and watch the freeway construction.
A major interstate cuts through my neighborhood. This elevated portion runs where Third Ave. used to be; there is still one house left on old Third Ave., accessible only from the alley. Right now we're in the first year of a ten-year construction project to widen the highway by a lane in each direction.
They're also redoing some of the interchanges, which requires taking down and putting up bridges.
The bridge that I was standing on when I took that picture is slated to be taken down starting next week.
The best part of watching the construction at this time of year is that the trees haven't leafed out yet, so I can watch it from several locations.