Friday, February 10, 2006

Conversations with Students

  1. One of my best students was crying over a homework problem. My student tearfully reported trying for hours, unable to solve the problem.

  2. A student stopped by my office needing me to approve a late add. The semester is 1/3 of the way over, and he wants to switch from one math class to another, easier math class. He claims that it's ok with the instructor of the new class. When I asked him which instructor, the student claims to be unable to remember and that the information is "in his car" and he will go get it and be right back. Reminds me of high school when Brian left his ID "in his car" when buying beer at Stewarts.

  3. Student with hidden disability tells me that the paperwork hasn't been filed yet because there is a rumor that professors look down on students with disabilities (with the implication that grading is affected). Student tells me that one professor this semester told the class that he doesn't believe in disabilities.