Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crisis Snow Emergency Disaster!


This storm moving through? Supposed to hit here. Everyone was out yesterday clogging the grocery stores and Target and whatnot stocking up on snow supplies. One local TV station pre-empted Wheel of Fortune to have extra snow reporting after the national news. There was a snow crawl across the bottom of the screen throughout most of last night's programming. I think that a school has already closed for Monday. They assured us that the Snow Report Team would be back on the air at 6am to report live on the snow.

Another local TV station posted the following on its web page yesterday (this was written on Friday):


You had to read several paragraphs to get to that point. They started out by forecasting big snow in the mountains and in mountainous counties of nearby states.

The reality? From the National Weather Service:


Looks like the expected value of snow is at most 2 inches.

As I spent 21 years living in upstate NY (18 near Schenectady and 3 in Ithaca) and 4 years living in Hanover, NH, I really have to mock people who are making a giant fuss over nearly 2 inches of snow.

From my back yard:

See! If you look hard, it almost looks like it's accumulating!