Sunday, February 19, 2006

Recent Revelations

  1. It's not like Swiffer Dry is all that magical. Flannel rags cut to Swiffer-size with pinking shears and sprayed with Endust work just as well. (Note: I love Endust and hate Pledge.)

  2. Despite my life-long (and often-stated) preference for bar soap, my mother keeps buying me shower gel. I haven't gotten my act together enough to donate it to the homeless shelter or some other, similar place. Then I realized that I could use it to refill the liquid soap dispenser by the sink.

  3. Some of my worst students will just look at the (low) grade on the top of their (poor-quality) papers and will not read the comments that I spent a long time writing. If I suspect that this is going to be the case, I can just write, "I am very concerned about your progress in this course and your performance on this assignment. Please come see me in my office some time this week so that we can identify some strategies that may help you become more successful."