Friday, February 17, 2006

Things That Aren't That Surprising

  1. The students who haven't been to class since the first midterm didn't do that well on the second midterm (today).

  2. Seniors who do all the homework have been scoring better than freshmen who haven't been doing the homework.

  3. I felt no pity when I saw wrong answers to the question that the class wrote as a group or to the question that I told them (yesterday) would be on the exam and then did on the board.

  4. Knowing the power rule doesn't help you sketch the graph of the derivative of y = [1.5sin(2x)]/x. Especially since on the test I just gave the graph but not the formula.

  5. The overall class average is a C.

Big surprise: The 2nd highest score was earned by a student who had been doing only mediocre up to this point. He was sitting next to the highest scoring student, but they missed points on different questions and had very different answers for the "give an example of..." and "explain why..." questions.