Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Afternoon at the Cafe

  1. A nearby vacant lot has turned into condos; a nearby parking lot has been turned into a construction site. There is now nowhere to park near the cafe any day of the week or any time of day.

  2. I completely revamped the March calendar for my course, meaning that I will need to print up a new assignment sheet and tell my students to completely ignore the old one. (I'll print the new one on a different color paper.) Instead of planning my lesson for Monday, I sketched out a design for a quilt. Originally my design called for eight different fabrics for the patches, but then I decided that I will use both the right and wrong sides of four different fabrics. I also decided to use three different colors of thread for the quilting pattern.

  3. Sitting at the table next to me were three professors from Business who were gossiping about their colleagues, their applicants, and their current graduate students. Their colleagues don't give them credit for what they know. Their applicants have no vision, no intellectual curiosity. Their graduate students can't write.