Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday Accomplishments

  1. Finally booked plane ticket for conference at end of spring break. Was able to get a good fare and good flight times by returning here on Saturday evening (conference ends Saturday afternoon). Students had already booked all the good times on Sunday and Monday.

  2. Had lunch on the Math Department's dime. Someone estimated that we may have as many as 15 job candidates coming to interview this month. Four faculty members need to be found for each lunch with a candidate, so today I got to eat lunch with one of the analysis candidates. Good thing for the Math Department that Professor Madison is always up for a free lunch.

  3. I bought a thermometer for my office, so now I can more accurately describe the daily temperature arc in my office. When I arrive, my office is 69.5 degrees. During the day it warms up; once it hits 78, the air conditioner comes on. My radiator is set to "off" (the valve leaks). The College has cut back on faculty hiring because of the need to save money due to rising energy costs. I wonder how many adjuncts we could hire if they fixed my radiator.

  4. Scheduled a guest speaker to talk to crypto class on March 3. Thinking I might need more guest speakers. Would you like to talk to either of my classes? Your choice of topic?

  5. The whole point of coming to the office today? To work on class prep for tomorrow. What am I doing in class tomorrow? Still no clue.