Thursday, March 09, 2006

Administrative Office Hours

  1. Instructor has received email allegedly from a parent, from parent's hotmail account (and with instructions not to write to the parent's real email account), asking for consideration of a student's difficult circumstances. I urged the instructor to write back stating that we can not discuss the student's academic progress with the parent and asking the parent to direct the student to contact the instructor directly (and to bring documentation of these circumstances). The email was literate enough to have been written by an adult, but you can never be sure...

  2. An instructor has health issues that have forced a visit to an out-of-town hospital. Student who wants to know his midterm grades called the math department angry that out-of-town hospital refuses to allow student to talk to instructor. Student wants us to divine the grades.

  3. The poorly-publicized deadline for fall grade appeals happens over spring break. Once I finish these last two pending appeals, I may be done with appeals until May!