Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conference Travel

I have not yet started packing for my trip (leaving this morning!) to Schenectady and the conference.

Could it be that I'm not entirely excited about going to one of the two places about which I declared, "When I leave, I'm never coming back!" Worse yet, the conference venue is Niskayuna High School, which I attended; I'm pretty sure that I haven't been back in that building since I graduated.

The other place I swore never to return to is Hanover, NH. Better luck with that one: I left the day after my graduation, and since then I haven't been within a two hour radius of the place.

For reasons of plane fares and logistics (all the undergrads fly back here on Sunday), I'm leaving today and flying back on Saturday for a Saturday conference. Good thing my talk is early. Not sure what I'm going to do on Friday. "Day trip to Hanover" is out.

I'm staying with my parents, so I'm sure that family fun is an option. I really need to reprioritize and go to the conferences in San Diego and avoid the ones in Schenectady.