Saturday, March 25, 2006

Good News For Faculty Who Don't Plan Ahead

Back now. More on my trip later.

I had planned to do a fair amount of class prep while out of town. My intention was to use my parents' computer and my access to my library via the proxy server to do lots of background reading for my class this week. Turns out that not only was their computer not up to the task at hand (System is a bit wobbly and somewhat out of date), but one of the references that I had meant to chase down is not an article availble for full-text download. No, it is a book.

Meaning that tomorrow will find me at the freaking library. In the stacks!

The good news: Lucky for me, we have a respectable library where someone orders most of the books that I end up needing. And, although this is still, technically, spring break, it appears that the library is open tomorrow for its usual Sunday hours. Would I prefer that it opened before 1pm? Sure. But at least I can get the book I need to stay a few steps ahead of my class!