Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Midway Through the Semester My Days Start to Blur into an Eerie Sameness

  1. One of my student's performance in class is so distinguished that I asked my secretary to get a copy of the student's academic history out of the central computer system. My student's transcript is also distinguished. I am checking with another office to find out how this student ended up in my class. My hunch is that my student convinced an advisor to override the system.

  2. Meetings and phone calls. All the time. About the same things that we always talk about. Nothing changes.

  3. I really need to ask my students how they solved that problem with only a few lines of work. Every time I do it, I need pages of simultaneous equations. My students last semester also had brief answers to this problem.

  4. There are about a million craft projects that I want to start, but I'm overwhelmed at the idea of picking one to be next.