Saturday, March 18, 2006

My City is Really a Small Town

My St. Patrick's Day overindulgence was limited to eating too much of the Irish Soda Bread that I impulse bought at the grocery store on my way home, so I went for a walk after dinner. I hadn't checked out the viaduct construction in a while (this is the bridge that I would walk over when heading downtown -- if it were still standing), so I headed down to see it. They're starting to put in the horizontal beams. Then I headed over by the bus station and the railroad tracks (don't tell my mom that I walked there alone in the evening!), crossed over to downtown, walked around, and then headed back.

While leaving my neighborhood I ran into someone from the Math Department out bicycling.

Closer to downtown, a creepy guy who I met at a party last year offered me a ride.

When I was downtown, my next door neighbor drove by and honked and waved.

What is shocking is that I didn't run into anyone that I knew at the grocery store.