Friday, March 17, 2006

The People Who End Up In The Math Department

One of the math majors has Asperger's syndrome, which is to say that he is even quirkier than your usual quirky math person. He has started stopping by my office and sending me emails.

I suppose that some people might find this annoying, but one of the great things is that he is obsessed with some of the same crazy things that I am! I am totally captivated by calendars, and so is he! So he comes into my office and we talk about how to convert other calendars to the Gregorian calendar and how long it takes for certain cycles to repeat and all sorts of amazing calendar trivia. It's great! Normal people get sick of me when I talk about calendars!

The most recent thing that he sent me included something that he typed up in MS Word. I've offered to teach him LaTeX. I'm hoping that he becomes obsessed with it, too, so that there will be someone to listen to my rants about people who use : when they mean \colon and < when they mean \langle.