Sunday, March 12, 2006

So Far This Weekend

Gardened a bit. No before-and-after pics. Mostly I cleaned up all the crap that I should have taken care of in the fall. In a fit of optimism and ambition, in the spot near the garden where the dirt was a few inches lower than the surrounding lawn, I dug up all the crab grass, filled in the area with enough dirt so that it will no longer be a pain to mow, and covered it with PatchMaster.

Repurpled my hair. Bad idea: didn't wait for the mirror to unfog before starting. Splotchy. Again, no pics.

Can't check my regular email because the server is down:

Watched them take down the bridge about a block from my house.
During the week they took off the sidewalks and the concrete. Yesterday they brought in giant cranes to take down the beams. It was very, very cool. They had spray-painted pink marks on the beams so they knew where to attach the cables so that the beams would be stable while they were being moved. Because of the powerlines nearby (recently strung onto new poles!) they had to set the beams on the roadway and then drag them out of the way. I'm sure that traffic was backed up at exit 389A (getting on and off the freeway) all day.

Went on a walk and saw some very vehement religious graffiti:
Unlike her, I don't live anywhere with interesting and artistic graffiti. The best we can manage is alarming.

Today? I need to plan class for Monday (and grade some papers, ugh), and we'll see how that goes. More gardening could afford to be done before it rains this afternoon, but I don't really feel like putting on gardening clothes to go outside and pull more weeds. I want to wear sparkly tulle, which just doesn't mix well with our sticky red dirt.