Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break Begins

I'm gaurdedly optimistic about spring break. Always the trick is to accomplish enough productive stuff so as to release some of the stress of the semester but while also getting somewhat of a break. Currently the score on these competing forces had me do a month's worth of laundry yesterday*, but I still have not written the talk that I'm giving at the conference on the 25th. Some gardening also got done; the plan is to fill the garden with dense ground cover to prevent future weeds.

I've set aside Wednesday for all my teaching-related nonsense. Taking the scores from the online homework and entering them into my spreadsheet. Creating individualized score reports for my students. Figuring out what I'm going to do in class on the Monday we get back. That sort of thing.

So now I have three days to plan out until then. Today is still early, so I still have options. Write the talk? Install another GFCI receptacle in the bathroom? Buy yarn?

Last night I watched Office Space. It reminded me of someone who I haven't thought about in a while. Last I heard -- a few years ago -- he was living in Columbus, Ohio trying to do something academic. Quite possibly it wasn't so much the movie but the fact that yesterday was his birthday. At this point most of my memories of our interactions are through pop culture references, mostly music and movies. (I still have all the tapes that he made me; I kept nothing else.) Years ago he made me rent Fearless, trying to explain a lot of things that I didn't figure out until much later; I was reminded of that movie (and that attitude) when the main character in Office Space became suddenly disengaged from his job.

But now what? Today still needs a plan before it ends up in that lost wasteland between action and deliberate inaction. I need to figure out what I want to do and then do it.

*Two main reasons that the laundry always backs up around here: I own a LOT of clothes. And it's not that much harder to do a month's worth of laundry than a week's worth of laundry because my washer is large-capacity. Since I'd have to sort things into at least three loads ANYWAY to take care of color/temperature issues, and large loads aren't THAT much harder to deal with, I'm unlikely to ever take up the habit of frequent laundry. If they invented a robot that folded clothes, all my laundry issues would be solved.