Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Drowning in the Last Week

  1. It keeps raining.

  2. My plans to have all the last week stuff in order, the grading under control, the exams ready before the photocopier breaks? HA!

  3. I forgot to distribute the forms for this internal evaluation procedure that I inherited. Not much gets done with the information even after I collect it.

  4. Some office on campus has wrong wording on their web page describing a University policy on exams. Or, that one office may be right and the registrar, the teaching guide published by the office of academic affairs, and the undergraduate catalog could all be wrong.

  5. I spent two hours trying to typeset a message enciphered with Mary Queen of Scots' nomenclator. I think I'll handwrite it. In the process of hunting down strange symbols, I learned that there is a *TeX package for typesetting hieroglyphics.