Sunday, April 02, 2006

Life Away from Students

This weekend I've tried very hard to avoid work-related stuff. Unfortunately, the papers in my totebag have not yet graded themselves, so my input may be required later today. We'll give it a few more hours.

Spent a fair amount of time knitting. These projects never got project bars.


Found a cool fungus in my back yard.


In other news, I discovered a great April Fools joke (not really). If you wander around the parking lot of the outlet mall on a sunny Saturday afternoon with your keys in your hand, people will follow you in hopes of finding a really great parking space. Too bad for them I was just meandering randomly.

My summer wardrobe needs to cover two fairly different needs: At the nice end, it needs to be appropriate for teaching calculus. If it's nice out and I'm not at work, then I'm probably out taking a walk, working on my house or else shopping at Home Depot. My shopping goal was to find shorts and/or other summer clothes with pockets, but I was unsuccessful. Shorts seem to come either too short or too long. Unfortunately the "too long" shorts are also "too fitted," meaning that they wouldn't look right if I cut them off to my preferred length. Skirts with pockets? Dream on. I will either need to stay home in my bathrobe all summer or else I am going to have to spend a lot of time with my sewing machine.

My search for sandals was similarly disappointing. The dressy sandals that I liked had a bit too much ankle bondage going on for teaching calculus, but the casual ones were too flimsy.

So I bought these:


The stated reason for this purchase was that I could wear them at my cousin's wedding (that I have been browbeaten into attending). The real reason is that I have the style sense of a rodent and will compulsively acquire anything shiny.