Thursday, April 13, 2006

Praise Jesus!

We get school off tomorrow! Hooray! Or should I say "hallelujah"?

My office hours end in just a few minutes. Now I have to decide whether I should head home and start loafing in anticipation of a Sunday afternoon spent cursing my procrastination or whether I should stay here and work on class prep for Monday. Productive work on calculus is unlikely, as I keep trying to find ways to entangle my students in \lim_{x \to \pi/2} \frac{\sec x}{\tan x}. My students love that l'Hôpital's rule...

Two more weeks of classes. In calculus I only have one more topic to chalk-talk about. The rest of the time will be spent on problem sessions, review, the fourth midterm, and more review. The crypto class? Still winging it. If I can find a good concluding activity, I think that the rest will fall into place.

My classes are mostly contented right now. The good students know that the end is near and that they're going to make it. The weaker students are clinging to the hope that they will ace the final. Tomorrow's day off adds to this hope: No one expects them to learn anything new tomorrow; they can spend the time studying! As I favor a passive-agressive approach to the shattering of illusions, I will continue to let them believe in themselves.

Tangentially related: the chocolate-filled Cadbury Creme Egg is sadly missing from stores in my area. (We only have regular and caramel.)