Sunday, April 16, 2006

They Are Building an Expressway

Today I went out and took more photos of the construction near my house.

In the first phase of the project, they're building a parkway to replace old 5th Ave and to connect downtown
to the interstate

You might be able to see how the southern end of the right-most red line (the parkway) passes over what look like buildings. Now that's all the dirt that you see in the first photograph. Once the parkway is available as an alternate route, they'll close the interstate, widen it, swap locations with a surface street, and reunite the two directions.

The Department of Transportation can use photoshop, too. This is what the parkway will look like when they're done. Don't know where the trees came from.

One nice thing about this massive construction project is that they took down all the chain-link keeping me away from the interstate. I now have easy access onto the median of one of the most heavily traveled interstates in the southern US! Anyone want to help me make a sign?

In case you don't care about road construction, I also bring you a photograph of my garden.