Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why I Don't Give to the Pledge Drive for My Public Radio Station

  1. They say that my donation will support continued classical music programming. My station has way too much classical music and not enough news and commentary.

  2. I don't negotiate with terrorists. They've taken the programming hostage and asked me to send money. If I sent money would they release my show? No. They'll keep yapping for several more days, repeating their demands. Then they'll do it again in a few months and ask for more money. Giving in encourages them.

  3. It's like the professor who whines at the class that doesn't do the reading. You'd better do it or else bad things will happen! We sit and wait it out; nothing that bad ever happens.

  4. WEOS doesn't have a pledge drive. And they have better programming. Why can't my station be more like WEOS?

  5. In response to the Keith Devlin piece on Math Awareness Month, one of my local pledgemasters quipped that my station's director of underwriting would think that math is evil.