Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Boring Things That I Learned Today

  1. The paper directory ("campus phone book") has WAY more useful information than the online version.

  2. If a student stops attending all his/her classes before the semester is 60% over (counting calendar days but excluding breaks of five days or more), then the student has to pay back the "unearned" portion of Title IV financial aid. Attends even one class (or even an "academic activity") after the 60% has passed? Then the student has "earned" all the Title IV money.

  3. There are no institutional requirements for grading policies. There are guidlines that can be summarized as follows: grading systems are to be disclosed early in the semester, weighting and number of exams/papers should not be changed, tests should measure students' mastery of the course objectives.

  4. The 90-day window for spring grade appeals is May 16 - August 14.