Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Getting Paid to Clean My Office

Today's project was the somewhat dull* end-of-semester decluttering of my office (designed to happen concurrently with my end-of-semester office hours).

I don't have a lot of project follow-through, especially not for annoying tasks like this. I had discarded a stack of calculus lecture notes about 3" high and another 8" of old exams that had passed the statute of limitations on being saved. A large volume discarded with no sorting! A quick payoff with little effort! I was ready to give up.

And then it got even better! A book buyer came by and paid me $80 in cash money to take away all of the complimentary copies of textbooks (that I tell the publishers to STOP SENDING) that have been cluttering my bookshelf!

I am now hoping that the sorting/filing fairy will stop by.

*Soon I will have to think of non-dull blog content that does not involve students -- I am not teaching summer school.