Monday, May 29, 2006

The Internet Confirms My Egocentric Self-Beliefs

Inspired by the student who was trotting out his recentered SAT scores, I was curious as to what my scores would have been under the old-new (they've changed it AGAIN since then) scale. Much internet searching later, and I found the conversion chart showing that my composite score would have risen 80 points; my verbal would have received 70 points of that gain, propelling it ahead of my math score.

Easier to find, and of far greater entertainment value, was the SAT and GRE to IQ converter. As my predicted IQ based on my SATs agreed pretty closely with the prediction based on my GREs, this chart is possibly reliable. And since the scores corresponds pretty well with my self-perception of being rather clever, I'm not going to try to debunk it.